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What are these semiconductors everyone is talking about? What makes them so special and powerful? Where are they used and how?
We provide answers to these and many more questions inour four MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) “Amplifier”,“Digital”, “Resonance” and “Power”. With a mixture of explanatoryvideos, additional documents, calculation, simulationand practical examples, we teach the most important topics inelectronics.

In the first MOOC of our four-part series, we deal withbasics of electronics. We cover diodes, bipolar transistors,MOSFETs, transistor circuits, transistor amplifiers, differentialamplifiers and operational amplifiers.You should have some prior knowledge in order to understandthe content. These are: Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s rules,knowledge about alternating and direct currents as well asbasics of electrical components (resistor, inductor, capacitor,ideal voltage and current sources).

The second MOOC dives into the digitalpart of electronics and explains the stepsfrom a transistor to a digital device as wellas important components in the digitaldomain. Topics covered include CMOSdevices, multivibrators, analog-to-digitalconverters, digital-to-analog convertersand basic hardware interfaces.

The MOOC “Resonance” is about oscillations - wheredo they cause problems, where do they solve someand how can they be measured at all? These questionsare answered in the topics Laboratory Basics, activeFilters, passive Filters and Resonance Circuits.

In the last MOOC we mainly deal withdifferent power supplies and discusstheir strengths and weaknesses, also withregard to electromagnetic compatibility.The main focus in this MOOC is thereforeon the topics of linear voltage regulators,switched mode supplies and the basics ofelectromagnetic compatibility.

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