MOOC Fellowships

What is a MOOC Fellowship?

At we want to actively promote and support the use of our openly licensed and free MOOCs in higher education.

As a Fellow of, you effectively integrate one of our MOOCs of your choice, of which you are not the creator, into your own university teaching. The aim is to actively use and reuse OER by in your (higher education) community.

We guarantee that the MOOC will always be available and maintained during your fellowship and we are happy to answer any technical or didactical questions. In other words, during your fellowship, you receive active support from us so that you can use the MOOC with your students without any issues.

In return, for the successful implementation of your educational programme involving a MOOC you will receive a certificate from us recognising you as a "Fellow". In addition, as a Fellow you will be mentioned by name on

How to apply for a MOOC Fellowship


"Fellows" are teachers of a higher education institution with relevant educational programmes in the upcoming academic/school/course year in which they would like to integrate a MOOC from Fellows can come from all subject areas.

The format of the course for which a fellowship is requested is not specified. However, in terms of sustainability, we are particularly happy to support fellowships for courses that are offered regularly, such as introductory courses, and courses with a high number of participants.

The MOOC chosen for the Fellowship can be any MOOC available on the platform, but not a MOOC you have created yourself.


Please submit your applications using the following form:

The form is available in German. If you need any assistance filling out the form, please get in touch with us.

You will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Information about yourself as a university teacher
  • General conditions of the programme in which you want to use one of our MOOCs:
    • name of your course or programme in the context of which you would like to use a MOOC.
    • MOOC you would like to use
    • planned course dates
    • expected number of participants
    • in which mode the course will be held (online/blended/flipped)
  • Description of your didactic concept (max. 4000 characters total):
    • context of the course
    • target group of the course
    • learning goals of the course
    • what role the MOOC will play in your course
    • which teaching methods and group arrangements are used
    • how the achievement of the learning goals will be assessed
  • Motivation for applying as a Fellow (max. 2000 characters)
  • Further innovations or special features of your Fellowship

The iMooX team will then select the Fellowships to be granted and inform the applicants accordingly.

Selection criteria are:
  • whether the scheduled timetable is feasible
  • didactic approach that was chosen to integrate MOOCs
  • how many participants are reached


  • Application deadline: 17. maart 2024
  • Decision and information whether you have been granted a Fellowship: after the application deadline, by 1. april 2024 at the latest.
  • Duration of the fellowship programme: annually September to July

Benefits for teachers

  • You can use existing OER learning material in your own teaching. We will ensure that the MOOC is available and kept up to date during your fellowship.
  • You will receive support or assistance from the iMooX team if you have any technical or didactic questions.
  • You will be invited to the annual MOOC Summit, where you can exchange ideas with other Fellows, MOOC creators and iMooX partners.
  • You will receive an iMooX Fellowship certificate upon completion of the programme. This certificate proves that you competently used OER in your own university teaching.
  • Your name will be listed on the page as a Fellow for the visibility of the teaching commitment.
  • Networking opportunities within an active MOOC community for further possible cooperation in the field of university teaching
  • You might be invited to work with the iMooX team on academic publications on the use of MOOCs in teaching
  • If you have any questions about the fellowship programme, please contact the iMooX team at

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