Mathe-Kompass - Sei bereit fürs Studium!
Mathe-Kompass - Sei bereit fürs Studium!
Mathe-Kompass - Sei bereit fürs Studium!

Mathe-Kompass - Sei bereit fürs Studium!

Graz University of Technology

Philipp Prinz

Duration 8 units
Unit 2 hours/unit
Licence CC BY-SA 4.0
Participants 317
Availability 31 December 2022
Start Date 1 March 2022
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General Course Information

Are you about to graduate from high school and thinking about starting a technical degree program? Mathematics plays an important role in most technical studies. Are you prepared for it? No? This MOOC can help you get oriented in mathematics!


Course Content

  • Module 1: Fractions
  • Module 2: Equations
  • Module 3: Functions I
  • Module 4: Functions II
  • Module 5: Differentiation
  • Module 6: Integral calculus
  • Module 7: Vector calculus
  • Module 8: Matrices
🆕 NEW by summer semester 2022: Additional videos with exercise examples

Course Goals

This MOOC is designed to prepare high school students in mathematics early on for the transition to a technical university. The content is aimed at reviewing, reinforcing, and deepening the high school mathematics curriculum, thus preparing students for the entry phase of a technical degree program and everyday skills of a technical degree program. 

Previous Knowledge

General knowledge of high school mathematics curriculum.


For actively participating in the course you will receive an automatic certificate which includes your username, the course name as well as the completed lessons. We want to point out that this certificate merely confirms that the user answered at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly.


This work is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0.

Course Instructor

Philipp Prinz

Philipp Prinz is studying to become a teacher of mathematics and computer science and has been teaching at MS Feldkirchen near Graz since 2020. He has several years of experience as a private tutor and previously worked as a software developer.

Other contributors:

  • Dr. Christian Kühn

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