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Free Online Courses of Graz University of Technology

Graz University of Technology imparts competence and knowledge through excellent teaching using modern and subject-specific teaching methods and technologies. It has five internationally visible scientific Fields of Expertise in which researchers collaborate across disciplines. TU Graz also actively contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and shapes the digital transformation in all areas of the university system. In teaching, the goal is to enrich classroom teaching with media in order to improve communication and also to ensure sustainability.

Being part of Graz University of Technology means: thinking in new dimensions. Working with social added value. Teaching with a vision. Studying with a future. Exchanging ideas with people from all over the world. Achieving more together - with knowledge, technology and passion.

About iMooX

iMooX offers freely accessible and openly licensed online courses (Massive Open Online Courses) on various topics. They are available to all interested parties free of charge, independent of time and location. Our goal is to make university-level educational content accessible to a broad section of the population and to allow as many people as possible to further their education. Every semester, more exciting courses are added to the platform. We offer free and openly licensed educational content for everyone - learn anytime, anywhere.

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iMooX és LA plataforma educativa austríaca. Sense cap despesa... tots els cursos d’iMooX són gratuïts i accessibles per a tothom. A més a més, amb les llicències corresponents, pots reutilitzar el contingut a les teves classes, cursos o altres escenaris educatius. Això és possible gràcies al finançament del Ministeri Federal d’Educació, Ciència i Investigació (BMBWF), implementat per la Universitat Tecnològica de Graz en col·laboració amb la Universitat de Viena i molts associats nostres. A què estàs esperant? Inscriu-te ara!

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