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Open Online Courses by the LawBusters

We mediate, present and entertain. Law is not as dry as our humour!

The LawBusters bring together what belongs together. We convey legal content and legal knowledge relevant in everyday life. The study of law is full of curious cases and ideas. We know these cases and explain them on the basis of popular films, series or books. Sometimes, a law is so abstract that even fiction seems real in comparison.

So if you feel like diving into the legal rabbit hole with us, you have come to the right place.

About iMooX

iMooX offers freely accessible and openly licensed online courses (Massive Open Online Courses) on various topics. They are available to all interested parties free of charge, independent of time and location. Our goal is to make university-level educational content accessible to a broad section of the population and to allow as many people as possible to further their education. Every semester, more exciting courses are added to the platform. We offer free and openly licensed educational content for everyone - learn anytime, anywhere.

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Gratuita e per tutti!

iMooX è LA piattaforma educativa austriaca. Non ci sono costi nascosti e tutti i corsi iMoox sono gratuiti e accessibili a tutti. Inoltre, con le licenze appropriate, i contenuti possono essere riutilizzati nelle tue lezioni, corsi o altri scenari educativi. Ciò è possibile grazie ai finanziamenti del Ministero federale dell'Istruzione, della Scienza e della Ricerca (BMBWF), attuati dall'Università di Tecnologia di Graz in collaborazione con l'Università di Vienna e i nostri numerosi partner. Che cosa stai aspettando? Registrati ora!

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