Basics in Tire Mechanics
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Basics in Tire Mechanics

Basics in Tire Mechanics

Chalmers University, Graz University of Technology, Politecnico Milano


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Informasi Kursus Umum

Are you dealing with topics in automotive engineering? For example, you want to simulate acceleration and braking performance with the help of vehicle models? Or are you interested in vehicle dynamics controls and automated driving? Wheels and tires are necessary to make vehicles accelerate, decelerate or go around curves.

But how does the force transmission work at the wheel? What are the influencing variables in operation that affect the force transmission? And how can these be measured? Learn everything about force transmission of pneumatic tires and more in this joint course of TU Graz, Chalmers University and Politecnico Milano.


Konten Kursus

  We show you the basics of tire force transmission on the pneumatic tire in four lessons:

  • Unit 1 - Introduction: importance of tire properties and basic terms
  • Unit 2 - Wheel kinematics and vertical force transmission
  • Unit 3 - Horizontal force transmission: longitudinal tire force, lateral tire force and combined tire force
  • Unit 4 - Influencing factors, measurement of tire properties and tire modelling

Tujuan Kursus

After completing this MOOC, participants will be able to:

  • describe the mechanisms of tire force transmission using simplified mechanical models,
  • know the main variables influencing tire-road force transmission, and
  • know the basic principles of tire measurement and modelling

Pengetahuan Sebelumnya

This course is intended for:

  • students at the end of their bachelor's course or at the beginning of their master's course in mechanical engineering, automotvie engineering or related fields,
  • engineers and users in the field of vehicle development

Prosedur Kursus

The course consists of four units, each containing at least one video, various additional materials and a final quiz. The individual lessons are unlocked simultaneously and are then available as a self-study course.


For actively participating in the course you will receive an automatic certificate which includes your username, the course name as well as the completed lessons. We want to point out that this certificate merely confirms that the user answered at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly.
This online course can be attended as part of TU Graz-LV 331.020 Tire Technology, which is held in flipped classroom format each summer semester. For this lecture, in addition to the online courses, there are also units in presence and a final exam.


This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Instruktur Kursus

This course was created in cooperation between three universities and the following individuals:

  • TU Graz: Cornelia Lex and Martin Schabauer
  • Chalmers University: Fredrik Bruzelius and Bengt Jacobson
  • Politecnico Milano: Edoardo Sabbioni and Michele Vignati

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Basics in Tire Mechanics

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