Writing Explained
Writing Explained
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Writing Explained

Writing Explained

Graz University of Technology

Thomas Murr


Duração 3 units
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Data de início 11 de fevereiro de 2022
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Informações gerais do curso

The aim of this course is to introduce the following types of text: essay, email, informal email. Instructions on how to write these texts will be presented in videos with guided instructions. Every session includes a quiz, which covers all formal aspects that are discussed in the videos.


Conteúdo do curso

  • Formal email
  • Informal email
  • Essay

Objetivos do curso

After completing this course, participants are able to use the various text types in all kinds of situations. 

Conhecimento prévio

Basic English knowledge according to level A2 of the CEFR. 

Procedimento do curso

 The text types will be covered in three short sessions. Every session is followed by comprehension questions.

Session 1: Informal email

Session 2: Formal email

Session 3: Essay


For actively participating in the course you will receive an automatic confirmation of participation (certificate) which includes your username, the course title, course duration as well as the hours required to complete the course. We want to point out that this certificate merely confirms that the user answered at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly.


Este trabalho está licenciado sob CC BY 4.0

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Instrutor do curso

Thomas Murr
Thomas Murr

Mag. Thomas Murr teaches English for technicians at Graz University of Technology where is also coordinator for foreign languages. In addition, he teaches English and German at BG/BRG Judenburg.

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