Teaching in Higher Education: Inclusive & Diverse
 Teaching in Higher Education: Inclusive & Diverse
 Teaching in Higher Education: Inclusive & Diverse

Teaching in Higher Education: Inclusive & Diverse

University of Vienna

Dr. Sonja Buchberger


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Trailer für den MOOC "Hochschullehre: inklusiv & divers"

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General Course Information

#Inklusion #Diversität #Hochschullehre

The MOOC Teaching In Higher Education: Inclusive & Diverse invites you to engage with diversity-conscious teaching. The focus is on concrete possibilities for action for teachers – especially in the course design. This concerns, for example, an inclusive working atmosphere, a flexible approach to multilingualism or sensitive content. Experienced university lecturers will present examples of good practice in these areas.

Beyond the concrete level of course design, further focal points are self-reflection of the participants of the online course as well as taking action in the role as a university member.

The course is aimed at German-speaking university teachers.


Course Content

The MOOC consists of 4 units:

Unit 1 – People encounter each other at university
  • Diversity and inclusion at universities
  • What do inclusion and differentiation mean in higher education teaching?
Unit 2 – Inclusive Course Design
  • How do I promote an inclusive working atmosphere?
  • Transparent requirements and feedback culture
  • Accessible teaching: Everyone should have access!
  • Mental health of students and teachers
  • Multilingualism in the lecture hall
Unit 3 – Acting flexibly and spontaneously in the course
  • Engaging with students using Classroom
  • Assessment Techniques
  • Teaching sensitive and diversity issues
  • Acting with a focus on diversity in challenging situations
  • Excursus: Teaching in English/German as a Foreign Language
Unit 4 – Reflect and help shape the university
  • Who am I as a teacher?
  • Commitment to diversity and fairness in the wider higher education context

Course Goals

Upon completion of this online course you will:

  • know central concepts related to diversity and Higher Education (e.g. inclusion, differentiation)
  • be able to consider diversity in your course design.
  • know methods to promote an inclusive working atmosphere.
  • be able to better reflect on diversity aspects of your own teaching and your relationships with students.
  • be able to raise needs and concerns of students in different ways.
  • have expanded your strategies to react to unexpected challenges.
  • know opportunities for diversity-friendly engagement and co-creation in the wider higher education context.

Previous Knowledge

The MOOC addresses university lecturers. Teaching experience in a university context is useful for participation, but not mandatory. Prior research-related knowledge of the topic is not necessary. English language skills are an advantage for several of the further readings.

Course Procedure

The MOOC consists of 4 units, which include short lectures with interactive elements, video interviews, practice examples and recommendations for teaching as well as further reading. Throughout the online course, reflection prompts inviting participants of this course to examine their own personal trajectories and teaching.


For actively participating in the course you will receive an automatic certificate which includes your username, the course name as well as the completed lessons. We want to point out that this certificate merely confirms that the user answered at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly.


This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Course Instructor

Dr. Sonja Buchberger
Dr. Sonja Buchberger

Sonja Buchberger heads the Faculty Development Team at the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Vienna. For ten years, she has been responsible for programmes in the field of educational development and continuing education for university lecturers from different departments and career levels. Prior to this, she completed her PhD in Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and has many years of international teaching experience.

Contributing experts and interview partners

Prof. Dr. İnci Dirim: Professor of German as a Foreign and Second Language, Institute for German Studies, University of Vienna

Dr. Susanne Frölich-Steffen: Freelance rhetoric consultant and trainer in educational development, http://www.rede-schulung.de/

Silvia Hartung, MA: Head of the Department of Knowledge Management and E-Learning, DGUV Hochschule

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Holzleithner: Professor of Philosophy of Law and Legal Gender Studies, University of Vienna

Dr. Meike Lauggas: Academic coach, organisation consultant and lecturer, https://www.meikelauggas.at/

Prof. Dr. Carmen Leicht-Scholten: Professor of Gender and Diversity in Engineering, RWTH Aachen

Prof. Dr. Erna Nairz: Head of the Education Sciences Group, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Prof. Dr. Andrea Platte: Professor at the Institute for Childhood, Youth, Family and Adults, TH Köln

Dr. Elisabeth Ponocny-Seliger: Coaching and research on gender and diversity, https://www.gender-research.at/

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Michelle Proyer: Associate Professor for Inclusive Education at the Centre for Teacher Education, University of Vienna

Dr. Sebastian Walzik: Trainer & Coach for communication and educational development, https://www.walzik.de/

Dr. Andrea Widmann: organisation consultant, lecturer and coach, https://www.andreawidmann.at/

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