Collaboration and Co-Creation for Engineers
Collaboration and Co-Creation for Engineers
Collaboration and Co-Creation for Engineers

Collaboration and Co-Creation for Engineers

TU Wien

Mag. Jutta Jerlich


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General Course Information

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Collaboration and Co-Creation have become an imperative for all types of organizations. As an engineer you never work alone. The skills to be able to bring different parties together in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome cannot be learned theoretically. This course gives participants the opportunity to put their ideas on the workbench and develop them collaboratively.

This course is the self-learning part of a program for students at the Vienna University of Technology. 

It is about getting involved and applying your team skills in a self-organized way, an experience in itself that you can not get from a book. 

An idea is very quickly too big to realize on its own. The program teaches you how to build a foundation for your idea that will inspire you and others to take action and make it happen.

Jutta is driven to support great ideas that may not make it to the market because they don´t make it beyond existing in your thoughts. She wants those ideas to be born, by sharing them and working on making them a reality together in a team complementing each others strengths. The goal is to internalize that giving feedback to others and reflecting on one's own way of working is the source of all learning and thus progress. 

Not just because life's challenges are too complex to solve alone but also because doing stuff alone is no fun.


Course Content

The main goal and subject of this Vienna University of Technology program is gaining practical knowledge of the value creation process in a collaborative setting.

Participants will understand how an idea can grow in a team. It's about learning how to tackle the complex task of paving the way for an idea to make its way into the world in a team.

The challenge is to go from a rough idea of the product or service you want to see in this world, and experience firsthand how it feels to grow and implement it. Yes, that also means to be open to the ideas of others, to learn to put your own ego aside and to grow beyond yourself together with others.

Course Goals

- >First steps in entrepreneurial thinking.
- Meet your creative confidence and individual strengths
- Learning from self-reflection as an integral part of your evolution

Course Procedure

The program at the Vienna University of Technology is divided into three phases:


- introduce yourself and find a team
- share your idea and skills 
- explain your why to inspire others 

- travel through the 5 stops to connect the dots
- learn to apply the resources to your context
- reflect your insights 

- experience how reflection is the source for your learning
- learn how feedback loops are building the foundation of your idea
- understand how to pitch your idea


For actively participating in the course you will receive an automatic certificate which includes your username, the course name as well as the completed lessons. We want to point out that this certificate merely confirms that the user completed the feedback activity and answered at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly.


This work is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0

Additional notes

Language: Course materials are in English. Question to your course guide can also be answered in German.

Mentoring: individual and group sessions are part of the program at the Vienna University of Technology. You are welcome to request them directly from the course instructor.


for your courage, open mind and curiosity to delve into topics that many engineers and technicians want to avoid at any cost. 

It is incredibly important to me to bring these topics to you. Because ignorance, underestimation and even disgust about business topics lead to great ideas developed in unethical ways and directions not intended by the founders. It does not have to be that way. 

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Course Instructor

Mag. Jutta Jerlich
Mag. Jutta Jerlich
Jutta has always been passionate about bringing things to life, she is an expert in creating spaces where creativity flows and people feel safe to allow new ways of thinking. Her students, partners and clients love her creativity and the unconventional ways she approaches challenges. 

It is her superpower to transform failure into learning because she believes that there is no success or failure but there are answers to questions or results from experiments. She is eager to share how this can also work for you bringing your ideas to life - because your ideas first need that fertile ground in you. 

With great dedication she has been teaching her programs at the Vienna University of Technology since 2007.

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