Certified course creators

On iMooX, several MOOCs were created by certified course creators.
Here you can find all current course creators:

Picture of Ursula Leopold
Ursula Leopold
Picture of Martin Ebner
Martin Ebner
Picture of Jasmin Schauer
Jasmin Schauer
Picture of Matthias Jax
Matthias Jax
Picture of Simone Adams
Simone Adams
Picture of Andrea Bou-Vinals
Andrea Bou-Vinals
Picture of Elisabeth Maria Poandl
Elisabeth Maria Poandl
Picture of Christin Reisenhofer
Christin Reisenhofer
Picture of Elisabeth Reingard Wetzinger
Elisabeth Reingard Wetzinger

If you would like to become a course creator yourself, please contact us at imoox@tugraz.at