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About this platform

Founded in December 2013 by the University of Graz and the Graz University of Technology, iMooX is the first and only Austrian MOOC platform. On iMooX we offer free online courses (Massive Open Online Courses) on a variety of topics. The courses are free of charge and can be attended whenever and wherever. Our goal is to make academic and general content accessible to a broad public and empower as many people as possible to extend their knowledge. Every semester, the platform supplements the existing offer with exciting new courses.

We offer open educational resources with Creative Commons licences

Contrary to the US competitors, all iMooX learning materials are not only free of charge, but can also be reused. This concept is based on the so-called Creative Commons licenses meaning that the whole content offered on iMooX can be used for one's own (teaching) purposes and can also be reused free of charge.

Background: the MOOC medium

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a special form of online course that combines traditional forms of knowledge such as videos, reading material and problem-solving with forum discussions between teachers and students and quizzes which allow participants to monitor the acquisition of knowledge. MOOCs are optimal to convey knowledge to a large number of people wherever and whenever. There is no limit concerning the number of participants. Generally spoken, MOOCs present a low-barrier access to scientifically based information because of their multimedia format.

iMooX is under the patronage of the UNESCO
„Our decision to grant patronage to your project is based on the implementation of the UNESCO priorities in the area of education. Not only is your project an important contribution for open access to information (http://www.unesco.org/new/en/communication-and-information/access-to-knowledge/open-access-to-scientific-information/), but it also promotes information and communication technology in the area of education (http://en.unesco.org/themes/ict-education).“
Austrian Commission for UNESCO, October 9, 2014.
About the history of the platform

iMooX has its origins in the project "Development of an educational platform and the provision of online courses free of charge with multimedia content for a broad public", which has been financially supported by the Styrian government. From October 2013 to February 2015 we created:

  • a central MOOC platform which is accessible to all teachers who would like to offer MOOCs as a free educational resource
  • the first eight courses accessible free of charge
  • a methodological-didactic concept for creating MOOCs
  • an analysis for MOOC business models
  • several scientific publications.