Elektrischer Netz- und Anlagenschutz

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Lothar Fickert

Lothar H. Fickert received his PhD at Vienna University of Technology in 1974. After international jobs with ELIN UNION and BROWN BOVERI in the field of power plants and electrical networks Mr. Fickert acquired system operation expertise with WIENSTROM as protection and utility system engineer.

As full professor and the head of the Department for Electrical Power Systems at Graz University of Technology since 1998 and as Professor emeritus since 2017 and is since 2017-10 he supervised and co-supervised 47 PhD theses. Further he authored 219 technical papers, holds 8 patents and several honors and awards.

He is specialized in transfer und distribution of electrical energy / electrical protection, safety and reliability.

His national and international activities comprise participation in Austrian, CENELEC, IEC, CIGRE, and CIRED organizations and committees.