Startup-Journey: Geschäftsmodell erstellen

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  • Elisabeth Stiegler
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General information about the course

The language of the videos is mostly German, subtitles are available in English. For the translated version please activate the English subtitles.

Course content

There are many people with many ideas, which are just waiting to be implemented and to create a new company/startup. The path from the initiation of an idea to its implementation in a business model raises many questions. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is an obligatory prerequisite for founding a company. The main content of this course is the generation of a business model to be used for your own idea in order to deal with some important business issues. Therefore, basic knowledge and methods as well as their handling are imparted to have knowledge about the creation at the end of the course.

Learning goals

The participants get an overview of helpful methods for their start-up project and are able to create a business model for their own start-up idea. Specific learning objectives are:

  • I know what a business model framework or business model is.
  • I can illuminate my business idea with learned (creativity) methods from the customer's perspective in order to adapt it even better to my (future) customers.
  • I am able to identify the desired customer benefit for my business idea with the help of learned methods and to work out the Unique Selling Point (USP).
  • I am able to create a business model (canvas) for my own idea.


No special requirements; possibly your own founding idea.

Course procedure

The course consists of 8 units of which 2 videos are offered weekly. An important step in the foundation process is the creation of a business model. In this course, you will learn what a business model is and how to create one. Additionally, elements and methods are explained step-by-step, which result in the business model at the end. The focus is on the lighting of customer benefit, the reason why customers want to consume or purchase the product or service.

The MOOC can be completed at the TU Graz as part of a course entitled "MOOC zu "Start-Up Journey: Geschäftsmodell erstellen"", which can be used as a freelance subject and is therefore also provided with an EC. Therefore it is necessary to be a student of the TU Graz and to register for the course via TUGrazonline.

{Link zur Lehrveranstaltung an der TU Graz}

Important note: Please register for the MOOC with your eduID in any case. This is absolutely necessary for the issue of a certificate.

Certificate of Participation

For actively participating in the course you will receive an automatic confirmation of participation (certificate) which includes your username, the course title, course duration as well as the hours required to complete the course. We want to point out that this certificate merely confirms that the user answered at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly.


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Elisabeth Stiegler

Mag. Elisabeth Stiegler (TU Graz) – The university assistant researches and teaches at the Institute of General Managment and Organisation at Graz University of Technology. Her research interests focus on the fields of Entrepreneurship and Business Models.