eMOOCs pre conference MOOC

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  • Startdatum18.01.2016
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  • 5 Woche(n)2 Stunde(n)/Woche
  • Martin Ebner, Mohammad Khalil
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This online course consists of EMOOCs2016 conference (http://emoocs2016.eu) presentations from both: research and experience tracks. It includes short videos that demonstrate the main outcomes of the authors’ contributions in the fields of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It is a preMOOC before the conference is happening to enhance the discussions and exchange between the participants.


Prepare for the flipped conference panel. A complete session will be dedicated for the presenters of the publications. Hence, the idea is to open discussions and argue the outcomes. Attendees can follow the MOOC in order to gather questions for the final panel in Graz.

Register for the conference directly here: https://www.conftool.net/emoocs2016/


Every week 2 videos as well as the related publications will be made available on the iMooX platform. Furthermore each week a self assessment will be provided to reflect the main arguments of the research work.


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Martin Ebner, Mohammad Khalil

Martin Ebner is currently head of the Department for Educational Technology at Graz University of Technology and therefore responsible for all university wide e-learning activities. He holds an Assoc. Prof. on media informatics and works also at the Institute for Information System Computer Media as senior researcher. His research focuses strongly on e-learning, mobile learning, learning analytics, social media and Open Educational Resources. Martin has given a number of lectures in this area as well as workshops and keynotes at international conferences. For publications as well as further research activities, please visit his website: http://martinebner.at

Mohammad Khalil is a PhD candidate at the Graz University of Technology. He got his bachelor in computer science, and earned his master degree in information security and digital criminology. Mohammad received a full doctorate scholarship by the European Erasmus Mundus scholarship project. His doctoral studies are generally in Educational Technology. His main research concentrates on Learning Analytics, MOOCs, visualizations, and ethical and privacy issues in the educational analytical approaches.